What blogs should I read about game engineering?

This is a slowly growing list being updated every now and then. I’ll include a little description of some of the gems to give a good entry-point to each blog.

Fabien Sanglard’s Website

If you loved any of the early id Software first-person shooters like Wolfenstein/Doom/Quake then be prepared to lose a few days down the rabbit hole. Mostly about graphics and code/architecture reviews.

Doom engine code review

What kind of black magic it took to render Doom in 1993.

Quake source code review

Quake set a lot of the standards for networked games. I’m still impressed by how well it ran on a 56kbps internet connection back in the day.

Red Blob Games

Mostly about graphs but worth checking out just for the quality of the interactive tutorial pages.

Introduction to A*

A* is an ubiquitous graph search algorithm in games and there’s no better (or more thorough) explanation I’ve seen.

Hexagonal grid reference

An epic hexagonal grid reference. I have this open whenever I work with hexagons. The interactive design will also bump up your expectations of what is possible in a technical document.

Gaffer on Games

Mostly about physics and networking.

Why can’t I send UDP packets from a browser?

TCP is not a great fit for most real-time gaming applications. Why and how to use UDP instead.

Fix Your Timestep! (physics)

If you ever use a physics library, it’s important to (among many other things) understand how time works and how handling it incorrectly will break things in the simulation.

What every programmer needs to know about game networking

See title 👆 Good overview of the last 30 years of game networking knowledge.